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German Airlines and Airports

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Airlines & Airports

Germany offers many domestic and international Airports and Airfields. They also offer many Airlines domestic and international. We have provided links to both Airports from throughout Germany, as well as links to Airlines that fly to and from Germany.

One of the reasons it's great to fly into Germany is it's central location to the rest of Europe. Many fantastic budget airlines (Air Berlin, HLX, Condor, DBA) make their homes in Germany or nearby. So you can stop in Germany on you way to another country.

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Over the next few years, Schoenefeld Airport will expand to become Berlin Brandenburg Airport, the new airport for the German capital.

The Berlin-Brandenburg region currently has two airports. Tempelhof was already closed on 30 october 2008. Starting in 2012, all air traffic for the Berlin- Brandenburg region will be concentrated on the Berlin Brandenburg Airport, southeast of the city. This will make it possible to close Berlin's inner-city airport Tegel as well.

When Berlin Brandenburg Airport opens its doors, the capital city region will offer business travellers, tourists, and companies a high-tech airport with ideal connections, international flights, direct motorway access, and a rail station under the main terminal. It will take only 20 minutes for the airport shuttle to travel the 20-kilometre stretch of track into the Berlin city centre. In addition to making air travel more attractive, Berlin Brandenburg Airport will improve life in the region. By closing Tegel and Tempelhof, hundreds of thousands of Berlin and Brandenburg residents will no longer have to live with aircraft noise.

Airports In Germany

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